Electrical wiring design and installation

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The electrical wiring installation starts with the design development. Design is an electrical wiring installation plan, developed by a certified specialist, which corresponds to all the application requirements and recommendations. During the design development stage, planning engineer assumes responsibility for the quality of the design developed.

Proper installation of electrical wiring involves the use of appropriate materials, tools, and technologies. This is also a compliance with security requirements, as well as the use of rational and cost-effective solutions. Ease of application, safety of people and property, economic aspects and regulations must be taken into account during the design development for electric power lines. Unprofessionally and improperly conducted electrical wiring installation is one of the most common causes of fires and accidents related to electricity.

The rules for arrangement of electrical installation (PUE), fire protection requirements (FPR) and documentation issued by the Latvian Standard must be followed during electrical wiring installation.

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