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The bridges that unite Us

We are pleased to announce our participation in projects that develop the economy and improve the daily lives of people and businesses. The Kudzinsala Bridge, the Sarkandaugava overpass, and Rail Baltica

Solar panels for houses: new rules from 2024

The type of electricity metering NETO UZSKAITES SISTĒMA, common for houses in Latvia, which allows using the electricity connection network as a battery, will be cancelled for new customers from January 1, 2024. For new users of home solar stations and business customers, only a commercial NETO settlement system is now available

Agrovoltaic for farmers

What is more profitable – growing vegetables, and grain, engaging in agriculture, being a farmer, installing solar panels, investing in solar parks, or selling electricity on the stock exchange?

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#Blog. Strong hail damaged solar panels. What to do?

The good news is that the inverter, a vital system component, is likely undamaged. Therefore, it is essential to promptly replace the damaged panels with ones that have similar power. This requirement is crucial for the system to function correctly.

We celebrate our 16th anniversary!

Our journey has been filled with challenges and triumphs, but we are proud of the progress we have made in advancing the use of renewable energy sources.

Solar Parks in Latvia

We are currently constructing solar parks in Adaji and Spunjani in collaboration with the French solar panel manufacturer Recom. The Spunjani solar park in Rēzekne

The Ogre Central Library

Solar panels mounted above the car park on metal structures generate energy for the library’s internal consumption. In turn, intelligently controlled lighting, installed in the building by SIA Tesla, changes the lighting level depending on the influx of natural light.

Rooftop installation of solar power plants for commercial buildings in Riga

“The investment is in line with our fund’s strategy: to improve the sustainability of the properties managed by the fund and to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. Also, investing in a solar power plant will allow us to reduce our dependence on electricity market price fluctuations”.

EV Charging stations for Trebu Home (Riga)

SIA Tesla has become a service partner of the European manufacturer ABB and has installed 8 electric vehicle charging stations, each with a capacity of 22 kW, in the new neighborhood Trebu Home.


Solar plant TEC-2

Design, coordination, solar plant installation, and passive lighting protection. The total power reaches 100 kW.

Rooftop installation of solar power plants for the national retail chain ELVI

Rooftop installation of solar power plants for the national retail chain ELVI in 9 cities of Latvian 2022, for the national Latvian retail chain Elvi, we have already built solar stations at stores in Augsligatne, Ragan, Ozolnieki and Rumbula and are preparing for commissioning in Sigulda, Liepaja, Lielvarda, Jelgava and Marupe.

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