The Ogre Central Library


GRAND PRIX in the New Public Building category in the Latvian Construction Award 2021.

Client: “RERE Grupa”.

Construction of internal and external power supply networks, lighting and solar power plant.

The library has been designed with an increased focus on sustainable development. Wood is the primary material of the Ogre Central Library. It is a renewable material, and a technically precise wooden building is one of Latvia’s most efficient climate-neutral building solutions.

The building is equipped with several innovative and patented technologies for more efficient use of resources. A heat pump is used for heating and cooling, which is immersed in the sewage of the central city sewer.

Carbon dioxide sensors continuously measure indoor air quality and adjust the ventilation intensity accordingly. Ensures a pleasant atmosphere for visitors and saves resources when the room is free of visitors.

Their temperature is higher than that of the ground, which ensures greater efficiency of heat pumps. The heat pumps are powered by electricity produced by the library’s solar panels. Rainwater is collected from the roof of the building and then used to irrigate the area and internal green walls.

Solar panels mounted above the car park on metal structures generate energy for the library’s internal consumption. In turn, intelligently controlled lighting, installed in the building by SIA Tesla, changes the lighting level depending on the influx of natural light.

Agrovoltaic for farmers

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