The exhibition “Māja | 2023” (“House 2023”), Kipsala, Riga

Friends! We invite you to the “House 2023” exhibition held from March 23 to 26 at the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre.

On our stand L29, in Halle 2, we will

– present new products of our partners in green, renewable energy: Recom (France), ABB (Sweden, Switzerland), Jasolar, Trinasolar, etc.

– tell about the features of the design, coordination, and installation of solar stations for residential and industrial facilities, as well as investments in the construction of solar parks. 

– demonstrably explain what energy security and energy efficiency mean.

– Share our experience, for example, how we have built solar parks with a capacity of 4,8MW and 5.5 MW in Latvia in 2023.

– help you choose the best solution from our range of Tesla solar panel kits for homes (with power consumption from 300 kWh/month to 850 kWh/month) and businesses with consumption from 25 kW to 100 kW (or more) of electricity per year. 

SIA Tesla stand’s visitors will receive serious but friendly discounts and a real electro surprise: come, it will be interesting!!

To receive invitation tickets, write a comment to the post or send an e-mail to

See you later! Let’s communicate up close and personal!

The bridges that unite Us

We are pleased to announce our participation in projects that develop the economy and improve the daily lives of people and businesses. The Kudzinsala Bridge, the Sarkandaugava overpass, and Rail Baltica

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Solar panels for houses: new rules from 2024

The type of electricity metering NETO UZSKAITES SISTĒMA, common for houses in Latvia, which allows using the electricity connection network as a battery, will be cancelled for new customers from January 1, 2024. For new users of home solar stations and business customers, only a commercial NETO settlement system is now available

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Agrovoltaic for farmers

What is more profitable – growing vegetables, and grain, engaging in agriculture, being a farmer, installing solar panels, investing in solar parks, or selling electricity on the stock exchange?

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