Solar PV station solution

SIA “TESLA” offers from A to Z solar projects

  • Solar projects for businesses and households
  • Best value individually developed solutions
  • High efficiency and durability modern solar panels, which serves even after 25 years without any major maintenece
  • Power inverters only from certified and acknowledged manufactorers
  • Project management from A to Z, completing all major formalities on behalf of our client
  • Warranty service

Project flow short description:

  • Object on-site visit and analisys
  • Power consumption analisys
  • Documentation processing for local authorities and institutions
  • Solar panel installation, check and connection to the online network
  • Client education for succesfull usage experience

It has already been proven that it is advantageous to use solar panels in Latvia, because the time of direct radiation in Latvia is more than 1800 hours, which is even more than in most parts of Germany, Denmark, Sweden or Norway, where solar technologies are highly developed. Especially now when prices for solar panels have dropped but their efficiency increased

Tesla solar
Saules dienas

Facts about climate and solar panels

  • In our climate, one square meter of surface receives an average of 1200 kWh per year from the sun.
  • The duration of direct sunlight in Latvia exceeds 1800 hours
  • Modern panels also produces energy with the so-called scattered radiation , which lasts around 4000 hours
  • Solar panels have a lifespan of more than 25 years
  • Solar panels require almost no maintenance during the lifetime. Snow going to melt most of the time on the solar panel surface and rain will flush the dirt and dust
  • In reality 10 Kw correctly installed solar panel array yield is about 10,100 Kwh annual
  • Properly adapted for self-consumption, the solar system pays off in 6-7 years
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