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SIA “TESLA”. We design and build solar power plants for businesses and private households. The sun is one of the most influential and accessible sources of energy.

We suggest you install a solar power kit that will generate green electricity from sunlight and

from the 1st minute of connection will lower your electricity bills!

SIA “TESLA” offers from A to Z solar projects.

We work with trusted and reliable brands such as SMA, Recom, Kostal, Longi and other recognized manufacturers.

Individual solution for your company

Solar power plant



Solar panels for households

The full cycle service allows you to enjoy the implementation of the project from A to Z

We will coordinate and complete all formalities on your behalf, requiring only signatures from you.

Project flow short description:

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Customer consultation by phone

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Object on-site visit and analisys

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Power consumption analisys

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Documentation processing for local authorities and institutions

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Solar panel installation, check and connection to the online network

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Client education for succesfull usage experience

Practical advice

When choosing and comparing solar panel offers pay attention to the cost per 1kW (solar system power).

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Facts about climate and solar panels

SIA “Tesla”- completed projects

SIA “Tesla” Completed Solar Projects

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