Rooftop installation of solar power plants for commercial buildings in Riga

Customer: HANSA. RE

Elijas Street, 17, Riga

Uriektes Street, Riga

Design, coordination, installation, connection.

SIA Tesla installed two solar power plants on objects on the streets of Uriekstes and Eliyas to generate electricity for the Customer’s production—the Customer Hansa. RE invested 200,000 euros in the installation.

Photo SIA Tesla/ 2022

“The investment is in line with our fund’s strategy: to improve the sustainability of the properties managed by the fund and to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. Also, investing in a solar power plant will allow us to reduce our dependence on electricity market price fluctuations.

Our advantage is that our properties have a lot of roof space, which is ideal for solar panels,” says Hansa.RE Chief Executive Officer Daniil Rułov.

hansa. re/jaunumi

If your company and customers are heading to “zero carbon emissions,” SIA Tesla will help you install and connect a solar power station.

✔ We have been installing solar power plants for more than ten years.

✔ SIA Tesla has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certificates.

✔ We are sure that green energy is our future! Every day we introduce energy-efficient solutions.

Photo SIA Tesla/ 2022

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