Power Supply

Power construction, control and supervision activities

SIA „TESLA” specialists offer implementation of the following electric power supply related works construction:

  • Substations and distribution points as well as construction control and supervision activities
  • Overhead lines with operational voltage up to 20kV
  • Cable lines with operational voltage up to 20kV
  • Transformer substations with operational voltage up to 20kV
  • Distribution equipment with operational voltage up to 20kV
  • Implementation of measurements and technical parameters check for cable network equipment up to 1 kV

SIA “Tesla” carries out construction, reconstruction, renovation, and repair of indoor and outdoor power networks up to 20kV

During installation and wiring works high attention is paid on the quality aspect. The purchase of materials necessary for works implementation is always made by certified suppliers. The purchase of materials is always made in accordance with manufacturer plans and recommendations. SIA “TESLA” purchases only those materials, which quality is acknowledged by corresponding certificates.

All works are carried out in accordance with all laws and regulations, including ones issued by local governments as well as national standards applicable to works during their implementation

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