Active and passive lighting protection installation

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Lightning protection is a complex of technical solutions and specialized equipment, used to prevent fires and protect buildings, equipment and people inside the building from direct lightning strikes and secondary impacts.

Nowadays, indoor lighting protection has become very important. This is explained by the fact, that very sensitive and expensive equipment -computers, mobile phones, new generation TV sets, boilers with electronic control unit, washing machines, dishwashers, security systems, cameras and other equipment that contains highly sensitive semiconductor devices, is being produced. We offer to install both active and passive lighting protection​.

SIA Tesla Zibensaizsardziba

We offer to install both active and passive lightning protection

Active lighting protection

Active lighting protection works by attracting the lightning strike. Electromagnetic oscillation detector and ion generator are attached to the receiver pin, if high electromagnetic field is detected in the air, it activates ion generator. It’s radiation extends lightning rod and quickly provokes the discharge of the strike. The active lighting protection system is cheaper and easier to install.

Passive lighting protection

Passive lighting protection receiver is a shaped steel rod as thick as your little finger, which rises above the supporting structures and first receives the lightning strike, brings it to the ground by means of grounding wires and dissipates it in the ground.

Each year, worldwide, lightning strikes about 16. It is about 44 lightings per day. The direct lighting strike is very dangerous for humans and often leads to death. In turn, lighting strike can result in fire, total destruction of the building or equipment, for instance computer equipment failure. During a lightning strike a strong electromagnetic field is generated, which affects the equipment. Assessment of lighting strike possibility and possible related damage extent are of great importance. Lighting protection installation should be carried out in accordance with the applicable standards. Properly and well planned installation of lightning protection equipment helps to reduce the risk of fire, health risks and hazards to life, as well as electronics damage risk.

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