Our company’s specialists possess the required certification to set up electric vehicle charging stations for private and public usage, single or three-phased, and power starting from 7kW.

We collaborate with Europe’s leading manufacturers (e.g., ABB, Schneider Electric, and others) and choose the best technical solutions for our client’s needs. The setup packages include charging stations, cables, connection cards, and other stands.

The charging stations are safe – there is built-in protection against overcharges/undercharges and short-circuiting.

You can attach the charging stations to walls, or they can stand independently. They come with a connector or a plug, and the charging station chassis has a protective cover that protects it from damage.

You can find more information here and in our online shop

The new generation solar panel warranty period is 20-25 years. To ensure excellent quality for our clients, we always choose the leading manufacturer products from the Bloomberg Tier-1 rating. 

The average warranty period is about 12 years. There are many quality manufacturers for inverters, but we choose products from leading manufacturers such as ABB, Schneider Electric, and others for our projects and clients.

No, it is not necessary. The snow will melt as soon as the sun shines, and the panels will be clean.

The bridges that unite Us

We are pleased to announce our participation in projects that develop the economy and improve the daily lives of people and businesses. The Kudzinsala Bridge, the Sarkandaugava overpass, and Rail Baltica

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Solar panels for houses: new rules from 2024

The type of electricity metering NETO UZSKAITES SISTĒMA, common for houses in Latvia, which allows using the electricity connection network as a battery, will be cancelled for new customers from January 1, 2024. For new users of home solar stations and business customers, only a commercial NETO settlement system is now available

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Agrovoltaic for farmers

What is more profitable – growing vegetables, and grain, engaging in agriculture, being a farmer, installing solar panels, investing in solar parks, or selling electricity on the stock exchange?

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