EV Charging stations

SIA Tesla offers a full-service setup life-cycle from application submission and project development to its confirmation and installation (service available within five working days).

Each ABB charging station has the following:



The amount of electric vehicles (EVs) has significantly risen, mainly influenced by the current government support seen around European countries and the desire for people to switch to greener forms of energy. The interest and demand for regularly charging their cars are prevalent in homeowners and people residing in flats as well as throughout the business sector for private company usage and to satisfy the needs of their clients.

It is worthwhile for developers, shopping malls, the hotel, and catering industry, offices and logistics centers, and gas stations to invest in EV charging stations as it is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

As experts in the energy sector, we collaborate with trusted charging infrastructure manufacturers, and we are the official partners of European companies Schneider Electric (France) and ABB (Sweden, Switzerland).



In our online store, you can order ABB products for charging station setup and self-installation or set up a contract with us for a complete installation, and we will do everything for you.

Necessarypublic EV charging stations include a POS terminal– it is possible to pay with a card.

ABB AC Wallbox

compact alternating current charging stations:

– a single-phase connection and power up to 7,5 kW/32A;

– a three-phase connection and power up to 22 kW/32A.

ABB DC Wallbox

DC fast and extra fast charging stations up to 24 kW/60A (up to 22,5 kW in continuous mode)


ABB AC Terra

fast charge stations with power up to 180 kW and the possibility to simultaneously charge two or even three cars:

– Terra 54 (increasing charge reserves for 100km in 25 minutes);

– Terra 94 (increasing charge reserves for 100km in 15 minutes).

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