EV Charging stations for Trebu Home (Riga)

In 2022, SIA Tesla has become a service partner of the European manufacturer ABB and has installed 8 electric vehicle charging stations, each with a capacity of 22 kW, in the new neighbourhood Trebu Home.

From 2035, car manufacturers will be prohibited from selling combustion engine vehicles in the EU: electric cars are the future.

Electric cars are the best way to protect drivers from soaring fuel prices. Maintenance costs for electric cars are already lower than those for internal combustion engine vehicles (according to the LeasePlan Vehicle Cost Index Report 2022).

Since 2017, the number of electric cars in Latvia has increased tenfold, while the charging infrastructure has increased only two and a half times. 3/4 of the population lives in apartment buildings, so they do not have their charging station at home.

Photo SIA Tesla/ Trebu Home/ 2023

Our company specializes in the sale, design, and installation of charging stations for electric cars of the European concern ABB. The wide range meets the needs of different customers: from private homeowners and parking lot owners to developers and filling station operators.

It is worthwhile for developers, shopping malls, the hotel, and catering industry, offices and logistics centers, and gas stations to invest in EV charging stations as it is a great way to stay ahead of the competition.


Client: SIA Pillar Contractor

Kupriču iela 1C, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1021

Photo SIA Tesla/ Trebu Home/ 2023

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