SWH Sports news from the FIBA Basketball World Championship 2023

Breaking news from the FIBA Basketball World Championship 2023 – events of the previous day, word of the current day, expert opinions, and forecasts. The program is aired in cooperation with SIA “Tesla.”

“100 punkti” SWH, SWH Rock.
On air from August 25 to September 10, every working day at 11.00.
Presenters: Ainārs Rutkēvičs, Anatolijus Kreipāns.

Energy and professionalism energize us to win in sports, science, and business. Entrust your company’s energy efficiency issues to the engineers, builders, and designers of Tesla SIA. For over 16 years, the Tesla LTD team has provided customers with energy, energy efficiency, and energy supply solutions in Latvia. We have already built 2 of Latvia’s largest solar power plants this year.

Experts on the Tesla.lv/en website will answer all your questions and give you valuable advice!

Our sports projects

LNK Sports complex, Riga, Latvia. All internal electrical networks and lighting. https://tesla.lv/en/largest-private-sports-complex-in-latvia-lnk-sports-park/

City stadium, Cesis, Latvia. Reconstruction of the 1st stage power supply and lighting networks .

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The bridges that unite Us

We are pleased to announce our participation in projects that develop the economy and improve the daily lives of people and businesses. The Kudzinsala Bridge, the Sarkandaugava overpass, and Rail Baltica

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Solar panels for houses: new rules from 2024

The type of electricity metering NETO UZSKAITES SISTĒMA, common for houses in Latvia, which allows using the electricity connection network as a battery, will be cancelled for new customers from January 1, 2024. For new users of home solar stations and business customers, only a commercial NETO settlement system is now available

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Agrovoltaic for farmers

What is more profitable – growing vegetables, and grain, engaging in agriculture, being a farmer, installing solar panels, investing in solar parks, or selling electricity on the stock exchange?

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Solar Parks in Latvia

We are currently constructing solar parks in Adaji and Spunjani in collaboration with the French solar panel manufacturer Recom. The Spunjani solar park in Rēzekne

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