Designing, Electrical installation, Lightning protection, Electric power supply, Solar energy​

SIA “TESLA” offers construction of internal and external power supply and wiring networks up to 20 kV, designing internal and external power networks up to 20 kV, construction of railway infrastructure, designing and construction of solar power plants.


Cable lines designing up to 1kV
Cable lines designing from 1-20kV

Solar panels for businesses and household
Individual approach, hight quality and good price

Substations and distribution points as well as construction control and supervision activities

Design and installation of grounding contour,
outdoor and indoor lighting protection

Installation and configuration of low-voltage
internal and external networks

Electrical wiring installation for offices,
manufacturing facilities and private houses

Electrical appliances and power quality analysis,
energy efficiency grade improvement solutions

Insulation and grounding resistance measurement,
power cables laying place detection, test chamber

SIA “Tesla”- completed projects

We are trusted by more than 300 customers from Latvia as well as from abroad

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